Hello! My name is Tyler, a disabled Korean-American photographer and creative director with a passion for fashion, food, and editorial content, that has experience in many areas of the creative industry. As a creative in an always-changing environment, I have captured and directed imagery and campaigns for brands across the fashion, food, and editorial publication industries. Always ensuring I leave a unique impression on every project that passes through my hands.

Through my career in addition to photography and creative direction, I have gained experience as a makeup artist, studio manager, brand researcher, publication editor, and stylist. Using all of these experiences to make connections and to create teams of strong, diverse professionals.

Previously having created imagery for Members Only and many up-and-coming fashion designers, directing debut capsule campaigns for OUFF Luxury Streetwear, curating and managing several issues of the award-winning magazine SCAN, I use each opportunity to better myself and the brands that I support.

If you are interested in working together please contact me via the form below.

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