Saturday, January 27th was a pretty awesome day. I had waited for two weeks for it to happen and was super nervous to go to it. So with my camera in hand, backpack full of gear, and anxiety at a all time high I set out to #HubDay.


Let me go ahead and explain what #HubDay is for the people (most of you) who don’t know. #HubDay is a meet-up for photographers, models, videographers, makeup artists, and anyone who creates. It’s ran by The H Collective (@h_collective) a collective that helps bring photographers to clients and models while connecting creators you might not know in your city. 

This was going to be my first meet-up since moving to Atlanta and I had no idea what to expect. Was no one going to show? Were the others going to be rude? Were my photos going to turn out like shit? Luckily none of that happened, but here’s some things that did.

We all met at Atlantic Station in Midtown and started with a very socially awkward conversation, everyone was surprised to see that people showed up. (Lol) Everyone was ready to start shooting so we hurried outside begin shooting our models. After about five minutes promptly told to leave by a cop because we didn’t have a permit (really Target... really). The rest of the day was filled with awesome people, locations and portraits. I’m super ready for the next one.

so here are photos from #HubDay! 





@m.ashea & @kaley.arnett

@m.ashea & @kaley.arnett



@kaley.arnett & @jmoss_the_boss

@kaley.arnett & @jmoss_the_boss