Fifty-two Weeks.

Fifty-two photoshoots.

This is gonna be insane.

The end of 2018 was sort of lackluster, and I think that I need something exciting. In the middle of December, I decided that I was going to take on the huge task of a 52 week photography project. I’ve seen many projects like this focusing on fitness or dieting, but I have only seen a few focusing on the arts. I’m hugely Inspired by Kayleigh June & TribeTyler who also took on this task in 2018, focusing on photography.

There are so many challenges like this if you search Photography Challenges on Pinterest, but I’m not interested I doing my project following those guidelines. I plan on producing 52 shoots in the year for myself, focusing on fashion and conceptual portraits. While I would like the shoots to happen weekly, I think that since I am a student it would be unrealistic go the complete year without missing a week. I will be aiming to complete the full amount of shoots, instead of stressing if I miss one week. I’m doing this project as a way to grow as a artist, learn new skills, expand my portfolio, and have fun. Not as a thing to stress out about.

The #52WeekProject Guideline:

Create fifty-two fully conceived and styled photoshoots in the year of 2019: focusing on different genres of photography, but mainly fashion, beauty, and conceptual portraits.

I plan on making videos for each photoshoot and posting them to my YouTube channel as a way to stay accountable and document my progress. I will also be posting updates here on my blog.

I’m super excited to do this, but know it will be a huge undertaking. If anyone wants to be apart of this project as a model, assistant, make-up artist, etc…. Please Contact me!

I hope that you’ll join me on this creative journey!