Little Bit of Beauty

For the first week of the #52WEEKPROJECT I focused on beauty photography! It was pretty simple and to the point but I learned so good tips about the ins and outs of beauty photography that I’d like to let you know about. I was inspired by extremely successful powerhouse beauty photographer Julie Kuzmeko.

  1. Not all lighting is created equal. I shot some tests and tried to determine the best lighting setup to get the best results. As always if you don’t have this equipment then find something that works for you! My setup ended up being one Neewer 300W Strobe with a Silver Umbrella. I found that the skin didn’t look as clear and glossy with a soft box or white diffusion umbrella. 

  2. Lens choices are also important. I used my Canon 24-70mm 2.8. In an ideal world I would have used a Canon 100mm Macro to be able to focus on closer details. The 24-70mm had some problems focusing even when using manual focus. 

  3. Editing is a must, but don’t go crazy. I love editing and retouching, I think that it can take your images from awesome to amazing. While it can be a great tool, it can also fuck up your photos. When editing beauty, know your skills and don’t try to go too crazy. One great choice is learning about selective dodging and burning, and frequency separation. Stray away from removing beauty marks and facial features that have a permanent place. I only take out unsightly blemishes and things that are temporary (i.e. pimples, blackheads, hairs). No one is perfect so texture can be a good thing.