Going Back to My Roots

This shoot lined up with the end of my first week back in school and I am so happy that it doesn’t reflect how tired I was. I wanted to go back to my roots. This is a clean and minimal shoot that helped me relax and think about technique. I chose one of my best friends Vanessa Guvele to be my model and I love how her skin contrasted with the stark white and grays of the background. I styled her in simple fits, a turtleneck from Calvin Klein and a pair of my own blue-striped pants from Urban Outfitters.

With the simple location and outfit, I wanted to be dramatic with the eye makeup. I added a sharp, eye-catching yellow wing and topped her already flawless skin with a bright iridescent pink/purple highlighter that caught the natural light beautifully. I kept the editing of this set to a minimal, focusing on the awesome tones.

Even with the stress of life, it’s nice to know that going back to what I know can make the de-stressing process so much smoother.

See ya in Week 3!