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welcome to my blog!

If your reading this... well then I guess you're here for a reason and you deserve a proper quick introduction.

Hi! My name is Tyler Judson, and I'm just a guy who does things that he thinks is cool and hopes other people do too. I enjoy movies (don't ask me what my favorite is. It's too overwhelming), photography (my favorite photographer changes constantly but right now it's Alexander Tan), and design. I am a second quarter freshman in college at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I've wanted to start this website for a while, but I never found the time/effort to put it together #procrastination. This is the space I will portray my creative work and thoughts in all of their beautiful, ugly, and messed up glory. The blog will be a place to express my opinions and show the process of new projects. It will be a uncensored haven for all of my dumb ideas. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty personal things. Here are all the things you need to know about me. 


heyo it’s me...

FUN FACTS WITH TYLER *insert jingle here*

  1. I am eighteen years of age. At this age I could legally consume alcohol in Europe and Australia (get your shit together America), and am finally a full bonafide adult. 
  2. My interests change all the time (it literally is different every week). My main interest are film, photography and graphic design (or just anything art related)!
  3. I'm studying Film, fashion photography & Design at SCAD in Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. I love tv shows like Game of Thrones, Legion, American Gods, HTGAWM and AHS.

I hope you stay up to date on this blog and my artsy life!

if you want to support me head over to my shop and get yourself a lil art print or something nice. :)

welcome to my art, welcome to my life.

let's get this 2018 started.